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We are currently undergoing facility updates for our dyno cell, please stop by again for updates in early 2018!

Dyno Tuning

  • Dedicated Dyno Test Cell
  • Dedicated Tuners, Techs, and Engineers
  • 600HP Continuous (steady-state)
  • 1x Thermotech TTH20 12,0000CFM 1.2MBTU Make-up Air Unit
  • 2x Thermotech SIBD245AHP-TH 6000CFM exhaust extraction
  • Cross-flow Cooling and Exhaust Extraction
  • Cell Provides Up-to 12,000CFM to Front of Vehicle
  • Cell Provides Exhaust Extraction at Rear (Variable Routing Options)
  • Sound and Heat Absorbing Insulation
  • Exhaust VFD 7,200 to 12,0000 Modulation
  • Make-up VFD Pressure-based PID Control


Coming Soon Dyno pulls near you!
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