We pride ourselves on uncompromising craftsmanship performed by trained professionals with top tier equipment. We continue to expand our Facility capabilities recently renovating another 300 sq ft for both a dedicated engine build room and dedicated parts cleaning room. Get involved today with your build, or continue to check back in 2019 as we expand our store, facility, and more!


  • Stainless, Aluminum, Cast
  • Body, Bumper, Hood Exhaust Exits
  • Catbacks, Downpipes, Manifolds
  • Charged or N/A
  • Intake and Exhaust
  • Restoration
  • Sheet Metal
  • Dimple Die Brackets and Mounts
  • Roll Cages
  • Custom Packaging
  • Race Builds

Our Fab Team is lead by Casey Kellogg, an Industry Professional, Certified Welder, Accomplished Builder, and life-long craftsman. After joining the team in 2018 he's quickly taken charge of our expanding fabrication abilities. Contact us for any questions on capabilities and skills, collectively we've built SEMA qualifying Trucks, flatheads, res-mods, rally cars, autocross, ice racers, drift cars, drag cars, street cars, land speed record holders, crawlers, dune buggys, and more!


Most custom fabrication projects require custom estimates with the welder, contact us.

Fabrication Time $110/hr starting
DIY Parts For Sale
contact us
Economy Exhaust:
Cat-backs, Deletes
Mufflers, Exhaust Tips
Repair, Restoration
$50 labor minimum
(Mild Steel and Mig Welds)
$95/hr starting
DIY Parts For Sale
Intercooler Piping: on vehicle $95/hr
DIY Parts For Sale
Custom Packaged Intake/Exhaust $500 labor minimum
(Stainless Fully Back-purged Tig Welds)
DIY Parts For Sale
Body Work, Light Paint
Repair, Restoration
per build, contact us
Sheet Metal
Brackets, Dimple Die
Dash Panel, Gauge Cluster
Wiring Panel, ECU Bracket
Repair, Restoration
$110/hr starting
Fuel Cells/Systems per build, contact us
Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber
Repair, Restoration
$110/hr starting
Frame Work
Suspension Points
Bumper, Rails
Repair, Restoration
per build, contact us
Roll Cages
Exterior, Exo-cage
Tubular Frameworks
per build, contact us
Frame Work
Suspension Points
per build, contact us
Custom Bash Bar
tire rack, roof rack
per build, contact us
AN Hose Made In-House
(Choose Size and Length)
DIY Parts For Sale
contact us


  • Gas Metal Arc Welds (GMAW)
  • Flux Core Welds (FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welds (GTAW)
  • Robotic Arc Welding
  • Design Product for Fabrication
  • Layout components/assemblies
  • Form Materials to Detailed Drawings
  • Cut Materials to Detailed Drawings
  • Join Materials to Detailed Drawings
  • Inspect Product
  • Fox Valley Certified


  • Dedicated Fab Area
  • Dedicated Welders
  • Fully Back-purged Welds
  • Miller Dynasty 280DX
  • Miller Diversion 180
  • Millermatic 212 Mig
  • Spectrum 375 Plasma
  • Miller Plasma
  • Pipe Beader Kramer Metal Fab B4
  • Pipe Bender MB 105 HD
  • Bend Tech 7x
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