VL Performance is proud to announce that we are now setup to flow test and ultrasonic clean fuel injectors.
Download the injector cleaning form, fill it out, and mail it in with your injectors or drop off them off in person at VL Performance.

Below you will find pricing estimates and additional information for your convenience.
For any questions please contact us, the pricing below is to give you an idea of our process. Due do the the fluidity of the market and our on-going process improvements pricing is variable. We employ a Front-End of Expert Service Advisors to provide accurate estimates on a per build basis. Contact us today and experience the Local Expertise for yourself!


  • Initial Flow Testing: Initial testing includes leak testing, pulse operation, inductance test, and spray pattern
  • Full Ultrasonic Cleaning: The fuel injectors are cleaned in a state of the art ultrasonic machine that pulses and back flushes the injectors. This process can bring stuck or heavily contaminated injectors to work like new
  • Post Cleaning Test: After the cleaning service, we do a second flow test to ensure they are flow matching to one another. This is a very important step to make sure the injectors are balanced
  • Injector Pre/Post Flow Data Sheet: Every injector set will include a full data sheet on the initial condition of the injector set as well as post cleaning results. Please see the attached photo!
  • Seal / Pintle / Filter Replacement: These items will be replaced where applicable. Some unique parts may not be in stock and can be ordered. This is a case by case basis, but we stock most all of the common parts at VL Performance.


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Top Feed Injectors 25 per injector
Side Feed Injectors 40 per injector
GDI(Direct Injection) Coming Soon!
Diesel Injectors Not at this time
Bosch CSI 30 per injector
Wholesale Pricing Contact Us with quantities
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